Advice for implementing protections to guarantee the right to family and community life in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic


In the wake of the health emergency caused by COVID-19, its progression at a regional level and its impact on children, their families and their communities, RELAF is calling on public authorities to take steps to prevent separation and implement adequate care and protection measures. Our public institutions will be tasked with taking decisive action to protect children’s rights put at risk by the pandemic and its implications.

In this complex and unprecedented situation, RELAF asks that governments impose and apply human rights standards, in particular, the preservation of the right to family and community life, protection and provision of suitable care alternatives, when necessary. RELAF asks them to take note of and replicate successful practices implemented by governments in Latin America and in other regions. The measures must be in accordance with Protection Systems and programs that aim to prevent separation, provide alternative care, and maintain links and contact with families and communities in whatever circumstances children find themselves.

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