Alternative Care and COVID-19

This section includes resources and tools related to alternative care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Children's Bureau, U.S. Administration for Children and Families,

This article from the Children's Bureau of the U.S. Administration for Children and Families provides information and resources on the COVID-19 crisis for child welfare workers, children involved in the child welfare system, foster care providers, and more.

Generations United,

This factsheet from Generations United provides grandparents who are raising grandchildren with resources and information on how to stay healthy, informed and connected in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Center for the Study of Social Policy,

In this statement on the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Center for the Study of Social Policy calls for more support for those who are likely to be hurt most by the current crisis, particularly low-income families.

Changing the Way We Care,

This resource from Changing the Way We Care offers guidance on adapting and/or developing services and programming to continue to best serve children and families throughout the rapidly changing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly on conducting virtual monitoring of children, families, alternative care placements and residential care facilities.

Changing the Way We Care,

Este documento de Changing the Way We Care utiliza un marco ecológico para mostrar como la pandemia del COVID-19 crisis podría afectar a los NNA, las familias y las comunidades y como ayudar a los programas a reorganizar, adaptar y priorizar las actividades de prevención y respuesta.

Changing the Way We Care,

Este recurso de Changing the Way We Care ofrece una guía en la adaptación y/o el desarrollo de servicios y programas para continuar atendiendo de mejor forma a los NNA y las familias durante este periodo de tiempo de cambio constante, particularmente en el monitoreo virtual de niños, niñas, adolescentes, sus familias y para el personal de hogares de protección durante la pandemia de COVID-19.


This call to public authorities presents recommendations from RELAF for preventing family separation and implementing adequate care and protection measures to protect children’s rights put at risk by the pandemic and its implications.

Sistovaris, M., Fallon, B., Miller, S., Birken, C., Denburg, A., Jenkins, J., Levine, J., Mishna, F., Sokolowski, M. and Stewart, S. - Policy Bench, Fraser Mustard Institute of Human Development, University of Toronto,

This literature scan identifies and synthesizes existing literature examining the effects of pandemics and the identification of policy solutions to mitigate their effects on a well defined group of Canada’s population—children in the care of Canada’s child welfare system.


Este llamado a las autoridades públicas presenta recomendaciones de RELAF para tomar las medidas de prevención y atención adecuadas para garantizar el derecho a la vida familiar y comunitaria en el marco de la pandemia.

Changing the Way We Care,

This brief from Changing the Way We Care uses an ecological framework to help illustrate how the COVID-19 crisis might impact the children, families and communities and how to help programs adapt, reorganize and prioritize prevention and response activities.