Impact of COVID-19 on Privately Run Residential Care Institutions: Insights and Implications for Advocacy and Awareness Raising

Rebecca Nhep, Better Care Network; Dr Kate van Doore, Law Futures Centre & Griffith Law School

This study explores the effect of COVID-19 on a small number of privately run and funded residential care institutions by conducting a qualitative research study comprising 21 semi-structured interviews across seven focus countries. The interview participants include founders, funders and directors of residential care institutions and reveal the impact of COVID-19 on many aspects of the operations of privately run residential care institutions including funding, care for children, staffing, the presence of volunteers, impacts of public health measures and directives, reintegration of children and plans for the future. The outcomes of this study provide important insights to support ongoing advocacy, engagement and technical support for care reform targeting a range of stakeholders including residential care institution directors, donors, volunteers and governments in a COVID-19 impacted world.

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