Caring for children left behind in residential care during covid19

Suman Khadka and Buthdy Sem - UNICEF Cambodia

This article from UNICEF Cambodia describes how UNICEF and its partners are responding to the needs of children in residential care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Responses include:

  • With UNICEF support, the Ministry of Social Affairs immediately banned new admissions of children into any residential care facility to prevent transmission of the infection, and directed all children who needed alternative care to provincial focal points.
  • Visits by any external people to orphanages were suspended. 
  • UNICEF supply team distributed more than 35,000 soaps and sanitizers to care facilities, and more are on the way. 
  • In collaboration with the government and partners, such as Save the Children and Family Care First | React, UNICEF developed case management guidelines to be followed during COVID-19.