Children with Disabilities and COVID-19

This section includes resources related to children with disabilities and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UNICEF Europe and Central Asia,

UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECARO) designed a brief online survey to take stock of what national authorities are doing to adjust national child protection systems and services in the wake of COVID 19. This report aims to synthesizes the responses across the region; support national and international child protection agencies, organizations and authorities to identify promising practices, challenges, risks and opportunities; and promote exchange of experience and practices across the region and globally.

Save the Children,

These tip sheets from Save the Children provide recommendations for disability inclusion during COVID-19 across a range of thematic areas and topics, including education, cash transfers, health, and nutrition.

Validity Foundation, European Network on Independent Living (ENIL), International Disability Alliance (IDA), Disability Rights International (DRI), Disability Rights Unit at the Centre for Human Rights, International Disability and Development Consortium,

A coalition of six disability rights organisations has launched a major international monitoring initiative entitled “COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor” to conduct rapid independent monitoring of state measures concerning persons with disabilities. 

Human Rights Watch,

This report outlines key human rights risks to children related to the COVID-19 crisis, and steps that governments should take to protect children’s rights in the pandemic, mitigate its devastating effects, and benefit children after the crisis is over.


This guidance note presents some tips for UNICEF country offices and partners on key considerations when planning to engage with children and adults with disabilities for COVID-19 response.

Republic of Kenya Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, State Department for Social Protection, Office of the Principal Secretary,

The following are key messages including critical information about keeping children safe and healthy during the pandemic. The messages are designed for use by Children’s Officers, child protection actors including directors of Children’s Institutions, and members of government and civil society that work with vulnerable children and families to guide actions targeting and services provided for vulnerable children and families.

International Disability Alliance (IDA),

In the light of the COVID19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact on persons with disabilities, the International Disability Alliance (IDA) has compiled the following list of the main barriers that persons with disabilities face in this emergency situation along with some practical solutions and recommendations.

Council for Exceptional Children,

In this webinar, veteran online instructors help identify steps to move online and strategies for adapting the lessons already in motion to this new format. 

Alianza Internacional de Discapacidad (IDA),

A la luz de la pandemia de COVID19 y su impacto desproporcionado en las personas con discapacidad, la Alianza Internacional de Discapacidad (IDA) ha compilado la siguiente lista de las principales barreras que enfrentan las personas con discapacidad en esta situación de emergencia junto con algunas soluciones prácticas y recomendaciones.

International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, World Health Organization,

This report seeks to understand the issues faced by vulnerable populations in emergencies, including children, in order to provide them with support and priority assistance and to engage them in decision-making processes for response, recovery, preparedness, and risk reduction.