Health Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on Families with Children with Disabilities Living in Three Communities in Lusaka

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB), St. Catherine’s University and SPOON

Catholic Medical Mission Board Zambia (CMMB), SPOON, and St. Catherine's University conducted a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in Lusaka Province, Zambia, to understand the disparate impact that COVID-19 and the containment measures had on children with disabilities and their families. This two-phased assessment is designed to gather evidence about the impact through seven domains: COVID-19 knowledge and practices, food consumption, housing and livelihood, child safety and risk of separation, child health and wellness, parental and child stress, and education. The first phase of the HIA identified that COVID-19 and related containment measures have adversely impacted the lives of children with disabilities and their families. Most families reported a major loss of income resulting in stress, food and housing insecurity, and increased risk of child separation and neglect. The findings from the first phase of the HIA will inform the design of a larger, more in-depth second phase which will evaluate the disparate impact of COVID-19 and response measures on children with disabilities compared to children without disabilities; and provide an evidence base that stakeholders can use in their COVID-19 response and recovery planning.