COVID-19: Wellbeing and Self Care Resources for Carers and Practitioners

Ian Thomas & Dr Justin Rogers - The Martin James Foundation

The Covid-19 crisis has not only impacted on people’s physical health but with social distancing and lockdown it has also affected many people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. This briefing explores the importance of self-care for parents and carers, whilst outlining some ‘top-tips’ and helpful resources that can be accessed online. Not all parents and carers will have access to digital resources. Therefore, the briefing urges practitioners to consider sharing these ideas and promote self-care to the people they support. 

Carers may also be coping with limited social networks at this time so it would be good practice for fostering services to consider ways to support their carers so that they can find some time for themselves as soon as this is possible. It is important to acknowledge that with the myriad challenges impacting families and foster carers at this time, self-care alone will not be the answer to the wide range of psycho-social stressors many people are facing.