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This section includes resources on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to child protection and children's care.

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This section includes resources and tools related to alternative care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This section highlights tools and resources for child protection in the COVID-19 pandemic.
This section includes resources for promoting nurturing care and positive development for children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This section includes resources and tools for mental health and psychosocial support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This section includes resources related to separated children that may be useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This section includes resources related to children with disabilities and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Center for the Study of Social Policy,

This brief from the Center for the Study of Social Policy in the U.S. calls for "a much more robust and permanent solution to ensure that everyone has access to paid leave who needs it, during this immediate crisis, and into the future."

Girls Not Brides,

Este resumo é para os parceiros de desenvolvimento, incluindo o governo e a sociedade civil. Apresenta recomendações e recursos para responder às necessidades das raparigas, durante a crise de COVID-19 e no período de recuperação.

Amnesty International,

This report from Amnesty International outlines the "reckless response" of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the COVID-19 crisis, which threatens public health, and calls for the release of immigration detainees.

Department of Social Welfare, UNICEF,

This Guideline aims to further provide technical guidance to child protection workers in Ghana to better respond to child protection risks during the COVID-19 pandemic through case management, including psychosocial support.

Manuela Molina Cruz,

This book is written for children to help them understand the Coronavirus.

Amber Peterman, Alina Potts, Megan O'Donnell, Kelly Thompson, Niyati Shah, Sabine Oertelt-Prigione and Nicole van Gelder - Center for Global Development,

Based on existing published and grey literature, the authors of this paper document nine main (direct and indirect) pathways linking pandemics and violence against women and children (VAW/C). The paper is aimed to be used by researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to help inform further evidence generation and policy action while situating VAW/C within the broader need for intersectional gender- and feminist-informed pandemic response.


This dashboard contains the latest data from UNICEF’s global databases that are relevant to the COVID-19 response for children. Explore country-level data by gender, residence and wealth quintile.

Consortium for Street Children,

Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is collecting information from the organisations in its network working with children in street situations around the world via an online survey as well as discussions with individual members.

Diana Margot Rosenthal, Marcella Ucci, Michelle Heys, Andrew Hayward, Monica Lakhanpaul - The Lancet,

This comment from the Lancet explores the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on children in temporary accommodation in the UK.

Scottish Government,

This guidance is for Chief Officers, professional leaders in children’s services and child protection committees, who should ensure it is taken account of within local partnerships.