How to Engage Care Leavers in Care Reform

Changing the Way We Care and the Kenya Society of Care Leavers

While care leavers are young adults–and no longer protected by the ethical guidelines related to working with children–care leavers have suffered personal trauma in their past and may not have an existing safety net to protect them.  This guidance was produced with the Kenya Society of Care Leavers to address these questions of how to best engage people with this important voice in care reform.

The guidance is divided into sections, each targeting a particular aspect of care reform that relates to the experiences of care leavers. Sections include: understanding residential care facilities and the children living within them; supporting children and youth prior to exiting residential care; supporting children after exiting care; how to speak about or use the stories of care leavers; information for faith-based organizations and volunteers; and engaging care leavers in program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

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