Care System Assessments Learning Brief

Changing the Way We Care

In 2017 a global health and social service project called MEASURE Evaluation developed a care system assessment tool, and through a participatory process, conducted care system assessments in Armenia, Ghana, Moldova and Uganda. The assessment was designed to assess laws and policies, the social service workforce, service standards, monitoring and evaluation, social norms and financing.

In 2019 a global initiative working on care called Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) adapted the same tool and conducted assessments in Guatemala and Kenya. In 2022, Data for Impact (D4I), a continuation of MEASURE Evaluation, and Changing the Way We Care joined together to learn about how well these assessments were conducted, how the assessments contributed to change, and what could be improved for other countries to assess their care systems in the future.

This brief was developed from key informant interviews in the countries that participated in the care system assessment: Armenia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Uganda. The aim is to share learning with others interested in assessing a country’s care system, to think about if a care system assessment is right for them, and if so, how to do it.