Practitioner Video Discussion Guide: Upendo Village, Kenya

Better Care Network

This video summary accompanies the Readjusting to Parenthood: Peer Support Groups for Grandparents Assuming Care for Orphaned Children (Upendo Village, Kenya) practitioner learning video which is part of the Kenya Practitioner Learning Video Series.


When parents pass away, grandparents often assume the role of caregivers. Being thrust back into parenthood during a time of immense grief, and with a two-generation gap to bridge, introduces a range of challenges grandparents must overcome. This video looks at the learning of practitioners from ASN Upendo Village in Kenya in supporting grandparents caring for grandchildren after their own children have passed away from HIV/AIDs. Sister Florence and Brigid share some of the most common challenges these grandparents face, including parenting across generation gaps, and why peer support is so crucial to enabling grandparents to navigate re-entry into parenting. They describe the process they employ to support families in the aftermath of the loss of a parent to HIV/AIDs, to identify the most appropriate kinship caregiver for any children left behind. In addition, they explain why, in their experience, grandparents are often best positioned to assume the role of caregivers and what factors they consider in making the determination of suitability.