Families Together: Group Session Facilitation Guide

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC)

The Families Together parenting program builds upon the Skilful Parenting Curriculum and Program, an evidence-based positive parenting approach of Investing in Children and Their Societies (ICS-SP).

It aims to promote positive parenting practices and family relationships, with the ultimate goal of promoting children’s positive development, preventing violence against children, and strengthening families. The Families Together program is designed to support all caregivers with children aged 0-17 years.

This facilitator’s manual provides the detailed content for each session and should only be delivered by trained facilitators. For more information contact CTWWC through info@ctwwc.org or by SMS on 21437 

Each session includes the following information: 

  • Background information: Information for the facilitator summarizing the session content and explaining why this parenting information is important and how it is addressed in the session.
  • What parents and caregivers will learn and practice in this session: The expected results of the session so that the facilitator can focus on key messages
  • What is in this session: An overview of the agenda including time and how each activity is undertaken.
  • Suggested activities to practice with parents and caregivers: A small number of short activities designed to stimulate reflection and introduce key parenting techniques for parents and caregivers.The activities start with sharing information and ideas and move on to practical actions then reflection.
  • Activity notes: Each activity includes the time, a summary of the activity and a list of materials needed for the session. This is followed by step by step activities for the facilitator.
  • Some activities include a Note to the facilitator that provides additional information that may be useful when facilitating the activity.
  • The final activity in each session summarizes key messages and identifies home actions. Home actions are the most important part of the session. When people have the chance to go home and practice with other family members, they can discuss the activities with family members and start to introduce the techniques into their daily lives. Sessions begin with a recap on home practice.

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