Families Together: Home Visiting Parenting Guide – Flip Book

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC)

Families Together is a positive parenting program for use with families at risk of separation and families undergoing reintegration of children from residential care. It should be delivered by facilitators who have been trained in Families Together and are working within a structured care reform or parenting program. The information in the flipbook should be used together with the Home Visit Facilitator Guide. The Guide provides guidance on delivering Families Together during home visits and additional information on the parenting topics addressed in this program. It is important to read the Guide/ before delivering Families Together.

The Flipbook is delivered in eight home visit sessions:

  1. Session 1: Family relationship (page 3)
  2. Session 2: Child development and meeting children needs (pages 5)
  3. Session 3: looking after ourselves (page 7)
  4. Session 4: Values and discipline (page 9/11)
  5. Session 5: Communication (page 13)
  6. Session 6: Building strong and secure attachments (page 15)
  7. Session 7: Communicating with your child about safety (page 17/19)
  8. Session 8: Helping our children feel safe secure and loved (page 21)

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