Briefing Note for Overseas Donors and Supporters of Privatized Faith-Based RCFs in Myanmar

Better Care Network, Kinnected, ACC International Relief

This briefing paper draws on data and findings from the Insights into the World of Privatized Faith-Based Residential Care Facilities in Myanmar research report.


Estimates from 2019 suggested up to 600,000 children were living in Residential Care Facilities (RCFs) across Myanmar, with the vast majority thought to be living in privately run unregistered RCFs, many of which were faith-based. Concerns have long since been raised regarding the situation of children in residential care facilities and the safety and standards of care provided to children within them. The study was aimed at gaining insights into the operations of privately run, Christian faith-based RCFs participating in the Kinnected Myanmar program, including:

  • characteristics of the directors and donors;
  • the means and reasons for referral and admission of children into care, and;
  • how these dynamics affect the willingness of RCF directors and donors to engage in transition and the reintegration of children.