Checklist of Factors Associated with the Return of Children to their Birth Families

Roger Bullock, Michael Little and Spencer Millham

WHAT:  A set of 3 checklists suggesting interview questions for appropriately assessing whether reunification of a child with his or her family is possible. Each checklist contains a different set of questions based on the child’s separation period, such as reunification within six months, or within six to 18 months, or within two to five years after removal/separation.

WHO:  Managers and social and community workers involved in the protection and reunification of separated or unaccompanied children.

WHERE:  While developed based on work in the UK, these checklists include useful assessment questions that may be globally relevant.

WHY:  The checklists are useful in evaluating the risk factors that may prevent successful reunification of a child.   

N.B. These checklists are an excerpt from Going Home: The return of children separated from their families by R. Bullock, M. Little, S. Millham. 1993. This is a priced publication and is not available to download.