Care Planning and Family Reunification Forms and Guidance

This section includes resources that provide child welfare principles for use in individual case planning to prevent family separation, promote quality care, and implement reunification.

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Save the Children UK, Bulgaria Program,

Guidance and forms on preventing institutionalization of children and promoting family unification. The manual includes good practices and lessons learnt, training plans, care planning forms, and assessment guidance.

Louise Melville, British Council, Jordan,

Practitioner guidance on communicating and recording children’s care history in order to increase their understanding of what happened to them and to help prepare children for moves

International Social Services ,

A brief theoretical overview of the considerations for permanency planning.

Judith S. Rycus, Ronald C. Hughes ,

Web based 4 volume manual on child welfare and social work. The Field Guide covers the fundamental competencies of a family-centered approach to child welfare practice.

Institute for Human Services, Excerpted from Rycus, J.S. & Hughes, R.C., Field Guide to Child Welfare, Washington, DC: Child Welfare League of America,

An overview of the basic principles of child welfare that social workers should follow in order to prevent family separation and promote quality care for children.

Roger Bullock, Michael Little and Spencer Millham,

A set of 3 checklists suggesting interview questions for appropriately assessing whether reunification of a child with his or her family is possible.