Community Based Social Work with Children and Families, Manual on the Prevention and Reintegration

Save the Children UK, Bulgaria Program

WHAT: Guidance and forms on preventing institutionalization of children and promoting family unification.  It presents Save the Children and partners’ experience of deinstitutionalization via the Take Me Home 2 project (2002-2005).  The manual includes good practices and lessons learnt, training plans, care planning forms, and assessment guidance.

WHO: Social workers, staff of institutions and their managers. 

WHERE:  Based on a Bulgarian project, but universally relevant.

WHY: Provides invaluable information on how to assess and support families, prevent institutionalization, and reintegrate children with their parents.  It includes case studies, technical guidance and a range of forms on case planning, interviewing, recording, project monitoring, child protection incidents, and chairing planning meetings.

 N.B.  While this manual has a particular emphasis on prevention and reintegration, the guidance has broader relevance across child welfare work.