Protection and Permanence: An Integrated Model of Child Welfare Practice

WHAT:  An overview of the basic principles of child welfare that social workers should follow in order to prevent family separation and promote quality care for children.

WHO:  Policy makers, social work managers, and social and community workers.

WHERE:  Globally relevant

WHY:  It includes a summary of child protection practice, assessment, case planning, family–centered case work, child development, and care placements-with priority given to supporting families to care for their children.

 N.B. This is a summary version of the four volume manual:  An Integrated Model of Child Welfare, Institute for Human Services, Excerpted from Rycus, J.S. & Hughes, R.C, 1998.  An online  version of this manual can be accessed via this toolkit..  Please see  Field Guide to Child Welfare,  Washington, DC: Child Welfare League of America, 1998