Working with Children and Families, Vol. 2. Life Story Work

Louise Melville, British Council, Jordan

WHAT:  Practitioner guidance on communicating and recording children’s care history in order to increase their understanding of what happened to them and to help prepare children for moves

WHO:  Social workers, caregivers, residential staff, and trainers.

WHERE:  This training was based on experiences in a children’s home in Jordan.  The case examples and guidance may need to be adapted to suit the local context.  

WHY: Provides guidance and examples of how to gather information on the child’s history and share information about future placements through activities with the child/young person.  Includes sample life story scripts.

 N.B.  This chapter is part of a two volume manual.  The other chapters included in this toolkit are:

  • Working with Children and Families Vol. 2.  Behaviour Management, Louise Melville, 2005 

  • Working with Children and Families Vol. 2.  Children’s Activities, Louise Melville, 2005

  • Working with Children and Families Vol.1:  A Training Manual Interviewing and Assessing, Louise Melville, 2004