Child and Youth Participation Resource Guide

UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office

WHAT:  A directory of resources on child and youth participation. It provides a listing of publications, organizations and web resources from practitioners worldwide on a broad range of child participation issues and projects.  It includes resource lists for involving children in all aspects of program design, political decision making, and a broad range of program areas e.g. education, child protection, health, emergencies etc. 

WHO:  Social and community workers and program managers involved in promoting child and youth participation in program research, analysis, planning, implementation, and policy decision making.

WHERE:  Global relevance

WHY: It is a useful resource bank for locating research or practice information on how to effectively include children and youth in policy decision making, and program development and implementation.  There are several resource lists on care related program areas, these include:   HIV/AIDS and reproductive health; Child Protection; Children living and working on the street; Children with disabilities, orphans and refugees.

N.B.  The most care specific documents mentioned in the resource lists from the above program areas have been downloaded and are included in this toolkit. 
A CD accompanies this resource but is not included in this toolkit.  The resources are however downloadable directly from the Guide by clicking on the link under each document listing.