Child and Community Participation in Child Care Services

This section offers guidance on creating a safe and enabling environment for meaningful child participation in program design and individual care planning for children in care.

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Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS),

This handbook, Moving Forward: Implementation of the ‘Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children,’ is aimed at legislators, policy-makers and decision-makers, as well as professionals and care providers, to support the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009. It explains the key thrusts of the Guidelines, outlines the kind of policy responses required, and describes ‘promising’ examples of efforts already made to apply them in diverse communities, countries, regions and cultures.

Lucia Winters for Council for Disabled Children ,

A directory of resources promoting and guiding the participation of disabled children and young people in program development.

Participation Practice Guide 06, Social Care Institute for Excellence, UK,

A guide on the changes needed to the culture, structure, and practice of organizations in order to include children’s participation in developing social care

UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office ,

A directory of resources on child and youth participation. It provides a listing of publications, organizations and web resources from practitioners worldwide on a broad range of child participation issues and projects.

Save the Children Alliance,

A comprehensive guide to organizing consultations with groups of children or young people, and the role of adults in creating a safe and enabling environment for meaningful child participation.