The Participation of Children and Young People in Developing Social Care

Participation Practice Guide 06, Social Care Institute for Excellence, UK

WHAT:   A guide on the changes needed to the culture, structure, and practice of organizations in order to include children’s participation in developing social care

WHO: Social and community workers, managers, and policy makers involved in care services for children and young people. 

WHERE:  Based on UK research but is globally relevant.  The case studies would need to be changed to suit the local context.  The extent to which organizations in low resource settings can apply the recommended methodology will vary, however the goal of children’s participation throughout service planning and delivery should remain. 

 WHY: This guide highlights many of the barriers to participation that may be endemic in an organization and which need to be addressed if children’s participation in care planning and care provision is to be meaningful.

 N.B. This resource looks at child participation from a macro perspective.  The following documents in this toolkit provide more detailed guidance on the participation of children and young people:      

  • Children at the Centre, Save the Children Fund, 2007

  • So You Want to Consult with Children, Save the Children Alliance, 2003