Thematic Brief: Volunteering, Voluntourism, Tourism and Trafficking in Orphanages

Transforming Children's Care Collaborative


This Thematic Brief on Volunteering, Voluntourism, Tourism, and Trafficking in Orphanages was developed to provide guidance to governments, policy and decision-makers. It also supports the implementation of international commitments made in the context of the 2019 UN General Assembly Rights of the Child Resolution on children without parental care.

It explains how to take appropriate measures to address and prevent the harms associated with orphanage volunteering, orphanage tourism and voluntourism and the orphanage trafficking connected to it. 

The thematic brief contains guidance on key policy measures and concrete steps that may assist with the development and implementation of a whole-of-government strategy to eliminate orphanage tourism and voluntourism and to combat orphanage trafficking.

It includes recommendations relevant to volunteer-sending and volunteer-receiving countries. In addition, it contains practical examples of effective measures from a diverse range of countries sending and receiving volunteers.