World Hope International: Cambodia

World Hope International works throughout the world on issues of trafficking, gender-based violence, education, sanitation and clean water, and more. Since 2016 World Hope International (WHI) in Cambodia has been working with support from the UN Trust fund to End Violence Against Women and in partnership with government and international actors to build local capacity to more effectively respond to violence against women and girls.

WHI is a member of Family Care First.

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Together with Hagar International, WHI is training government social workers from Cambodia’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation to provide trauma-informed, victim centered counseling and case management services for victims of gender-based violence (GBV). Likewise, together with Social Services Cambodia WHI is training and coaching commune representatives from Ministry of Interior to perform conflict mitigation and refer GBV victims to appropriate legal and support services. Alongside this capacity building, WHI is also working with community leaders and stakeholders to engage men, women, boys, and girls in discussions on the effects of GBV and to raise awareness on the pathways for victims to access GBV recovery and support services.