Family Care First Cambodia

Key Areas of Focus: Prevention of Family Separation, Social Service Workforce Strengthening, Transforming Care

What They Do: In 2014, USAID launched Family Care First, a global initiative that seeks to uncover and advance transformational solutions that considerably reduce the number of children growing up outside of safe, nurturing, family-based care. In 2015, Cambodia was selected as the first site to pilot this approach. Today, Family Care First is an ever-growing partnership, comprised of global and community partners from all sectors committed to increasing the percentage of children living in safe, nurturing and family based care. Guided by the collective impact model for structured, multi-sector collaboration, FCF partners are working together to build both the trust and evidence required to more strategically and collectively contribute toward the shared vision of safe, nurturing family based care for every child in Cambodia.

Family Care First is facilitated by Save the Children Cambodia. Its members include:

Where They Work: Cambodia

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