Komar Rikreay

Key Areas of Focus: Kinship Care, Foster Care, Street-Connected Children, Children Living in Poverty, Family Reintegration, Child Trafficking/Exploitation, Temporary Residential Care

What They Do: Komar Rikreay Cambodia is an organization providing services to protect, rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable children in their local communities. KOMAR RIKREAY  (KMR) is a local Cambodian organization working since 1998 and focusing on child protection and safe reintegration in Battambang province, in Northwest Cambodia.

Komar Rikreay Association provides social services to vulnerable children and their families including temporary transitional home and family-based alternative care, health, education, economic development support, mental health support and advocacy for their safe and sustainable development into their communities.

Komar Rikreay is a member of Family Care First.

Where They Work: Battambang province, in Northwest Cambodia

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