M’lup Russey

Key Areas of Focus: Family Strengthening, Family-Based Care, Prevention of Family Separation

What They Do: M’lup Russey is a Christian, non-governmental local organization in Cambodia. M’lup Russey understands that all children and youth grow up and develop in all areas of life- physically, mentally, emotionally and experimentally- when they receive individualized care as part of a family they call their own. Communities have an important role to play in encouraging, supporting and guiding individual families so that they know how to care for all their members, especially children. M’lup Russey strongly believes in partnering with the government, NGOs and communities. Their mission is to support, nurture and strengthen families in communities so that they have the ability in managing and caring for family members, especially children. Provide services to young people, so that they can live safely in communities and develop as healthy individuals and to promote best practice in alternative care.

M'Lup Russey is a member of Family Care First.

Where They Work: Cambodia

Contact Info: