This Life Cambodia

Key Areas of Focus: Family Preservation and Reintegration, Community-Based Care, Family Separation due to Incarceration of Children and/or Parents, Family & Parent Support

What They Do

This Life Cambodia is a community development organization with programs focused in three practice areas:

  • Children and Families
  • Education
  • Community Research and Consultancy

The goal of their Children and Families programming is for children to be protected and supported to remain within or return to their families and communities. This work is carried out through three primary programs:

  • This Life Beyond Bars (TLBB) works with young adults in prison who are nearing the end of their sentence. Its goal is to ease their reintegration into their communities by providing vocational and life skills training and strengthening their family connections by facilitating family visits. Due to distance, lack of transportation or money it is not uncommon for family visits to prisons to be a rare occurrence.
  • This Life In Family is dedicated to supporting vulnerable families at risk of separation due to a parent or primary caregiver coming into conflict with the law. In Cambodia, social protection measures for children with a parent in prison are limited. It falls to NGOs such as This Life Cambodia to work collaboratively with the Cambodian government to fill the gaps.
  • This Life in Community enlists community support for children and families who are at risk of being separated primarily due to family members being imprisoned. Community members want to help and support one another and are often best placed to aid their neighbors who are experiencing challenging circumstances.

This Life Cambodia is a member of Family Care First.

Where They Work: Cambodia

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