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Emily Munro - Leaving Care and the Transition to Adulthood25 Apr 2019

This chapter from the book Leaving Care and the Transition to Adulthood explores progress towards realizing the rights of young people in and leaving out of home care in Australia, Sweden and the UK.

Jeffrey Waid & Armeda Stevenson Wojciak - Children and Youth Services Review8 Mar 2019

To explore the viability of positive youth development for youth in care, this observational study investigated whether participation in a summer camp-based reunification program for siblings separated by foster care in the US and Australia called Camp To Belong influenced youth resilience, a critical protective mechanism for maltreated youth.

Sharynne Hamilton, Deborah Cleland, Valerie Braithwaite - Community Development Journal6 Mar 2019

Drawing on in-depth interviews with fifteen community workers, who represent nine agencies assisting families with child protection issues in a small jurisdiction in Australia, the authors of this article show how the stigma attached to ‘bad’ parents is passed on to the community workers who are supporting them.

Calla Wahlquist - The Guardian25 Feb 2019

"Indigenous newborns and babies less than one year old [in Western Australia] are being removed from their parents and placed into out-of-home care at increased rates," according to this article from the Guardian.

Melissa O’Donnell, Stephanie Taplin, Rhonda Marriott, Fernando Lima, Fiona J. Stanley - Child Abuse & Neglect12 Feb 2019

This study will determine where disparities in child protection involvement exist among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and characteristics associated with infant removals.

Brooke Greenwood, Julia Mansour, Celia Winnett - Alternative Law Journal18 Jan 2019

This article outlines the arguments made in recent litigation undertaken by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) on behalf of young people who requested access to legal audits conducted on their files by the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

Rosemary Sheehan - Child & Family Social Work15 Jan 2019

This systematic literature review examines how the construct of cumulative harm is understood and operationalized within current Australian child protection legislation, policy, and practice and situates this within an international context.

Susan Gair, Ines Zuchowski, Rosamund Thorpe, Debbie Henderson, Lyn Munns - Journal of Family Violence8 Jan 2019

The primary aim of a recent qualitative study was to optimise grandparent-grandchild connectedness after child safety concerns.

Joanne Evans, Sue McKemmish, Gregory Rolan - Records Management Journal1 Jan 2019

This paper examines the recordkeeping governance requirements of the childhood out-of-home Care sector in Australia, with critical interlaced identity, memory, cultural and accountability needs.

Meredith Kiraly - Child & Family Social Work27 Dec 2018

This article reports a research study in Victoria, Australia, that explored nonfamilial kinship care through analysis of administrative data, interviews with young people and carers, and focus groups with kinship care support workers.