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Karla Mendes - Thomson Reuters Foundation10 Oct 2018

This article from Reuters calls attention to the large numbers of indigenous children growing up in care in Brazil, particularly in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Marcela Raffaelli, Juliana Prates Santana, Normanda Araujo de Morais, Carlos J. Nieto, Silvia H. Koller - Child Abuse & Neglect28 Aug 2018

The current longitudinal study examined the prevalence, overlap, and impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in a sample of Brazilian children and adolescents who use city streets as spaces for socialization and survival (i.e., street-involved youth).

Joanne A. Smith, Helen Baker‐Henningham, Alexandra Brentani, Rose Mugweni, Susan P. Walker - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences23 May 2018

This paper presents an evaluation of an early childhood parenting training package implemented in Brazil and Zimbabwe, called Reach Up, with the aim of providing an evidence‐based, adaptable program that is feasible for low‐resource settings.

Human Rights Watch23 May 2018

This report documents a range of abuses against children and adults with disabilities in residential institutions in Brazil.

Ruth Irmgard Bärtschi Gabatz, Eda Schwartz, Viviane Marten Milbrath, Hudson Cristiano Wander de CarvalhoI, Celmira Lange, Marilu Correa Soares - Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem1 Jan 2018

The purpose of this study was to understand the perspective of caregivers about the formation and disruption of bonds with institutionalized children in Brazil.

Alex Sandro Gomes Pessoa, Jaqueline Knupp Medeiros, Débora Belizário da Fonseca, Linda Lienbeberg - Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil24 Oct 2017

This chapter aims to discuss the methodological implications of research with children and adolescents who are living in foster care, with emphasis on the use of visual methods and reflexive interviews.

Eliane Lima Piske, Angela Adriane Schmidt Bersch, Maria Angela Mattar Yunes - Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil24 Oct 2017

This chapter aims to present a research grounded in the bioecology of human development that analyzed shelter institutions through the perceptions of children aged from 7 to 12 years in Brazil.

Sexual Violence Research Initiative18 Sep 2017

On 18 September 2017, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative will hold its 5th international conference, the SVRI Forum 2017.

Lilian de Jesus Fontel Cunha Donato, Celina Maria Colino Magalhaes, and Laiane da Silva Corrêa - Scientific Research Publishing16 Jun 2017

This study aimed to investigate the profile and care practices of educators teaching at institutional shelters for children in the state of Pará, comparing two contexts, the metropolitan region of Belém (RMB) and the interior region of the state (IE).

National Movement for Family and Community Coexistence22 May 2017
Recife, Brazil

The National Movement for Family and Community Coexistence, through its Executive Secretariat - ABTH, member of the RISE Network in Brazil; the Special Secretariat for Human Rights; the National Co