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Alex Sandro Gomes Pessoa, Jaqueline Knupp Medeiros, Débora Belizário da Fonseca, Linda Lienbeberg - Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil24 Oct 2017

This chapter aims to discuss the methodological implications of research with children and adolescents who are living in foster care, with emphasis on the use of visual methods and reflexive interviews.

Eliane Lima Piske, Angela Adriane Schmidt Bersch, Maria Angela Mattar Yunes - Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil24 Oct 2017

This chapter aims to present a research grounded in the bioecology of human development that analyzed shelter institutions through the perceptions of children aged from 7 to 12 years in Brazil.

Sexual Violence Research Initiative18 Sep 2017

On 18 September 2017, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative will hold its 5th international conference, the SVRI Forum 2017.

Lilian de Jesus Fontel Cunha Donato, Celina Maria Colino Magalhaes, and Laiane da Silva Corrêa - Scientific Research Publishing16 Jun 2017

This study aimed to investigate the profile and care practices of educators teaching at institutional shelters for children in the state of Pará, comparing two contexts, the metropolitan region of Belém (RMB) and the interior region of the state (IE).

National Movement for Family and Community Coexistence22 May 2017
Recife, Brazil

The National Movement for Family and Community Coexistence, through its Executive Secretariat - ABTH, member of the RISE Network in Brazil; the Special Secretariat for Human Rights; the National Co

Fabiane Friedrich Schütz, Luciana Cassarino-Perez, Vitória Ermel Córdova - Psychosocial Well-being of Children and Adolescents in Latin America9 May 2017

This chapter aims to (1) review results of recent studies, conducted in different countries, on the subjective well-being of children; (2) provide an overview of residential care in Brazil; (3) discuss recent research findings from the Research Group on Community Psychology (GPPC) of well-being in children in southern Brazil; and (4) discuss the specifics of the research context with children on state protection.

BBC16 Apr 2017

This article shows that little has been done to change the situation for street children in Salvador.

Joanna Rogers - Family for Every Child1 Apr 2017

This report presents the findings from a study that aimed to explore the application in practice of the ‘necessity principle’ from the Guidelines on Alternative Care for Children (UN, 2009) by using three quantitative and three qualitative indicators that provide information about whether children and families have received support to the fullest extent possible before a child ends up outside of parental care arrangements in formal or informal care, or living alone. 

Messias Silvano da Silva Filho, Jose Antonio de Lima Neto, Ivana Rios Rodrigues, Modesto Leite Rolim Neto - Current Pediatric Research16 May 2016

The results of this study suggest that the removal of a child from an institution and its transfer to an improved care environment can lead to a reduced risk of psychopathology, as well as promoting a better social, emotional and cognitive development.

Emily Delap and Payal Saksena – Family for Every Child1 Jan 2016

This report examines what family means to children and adults in the following countries: Brazil, India, Guyana, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Kenya.  The storytellers use evidence from 59 short films made using digital storytelling technique.