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Carly Elizabeth Magee, Martin Guhn, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Eva Oberle - Children and Youth Services Review8 May 2019

This study examined associations between perceived support from adults in three developmental contexts (home, school and neighbourhood) and mental well-being (life satisfaction, self-concept, optimism) among grade four children living with foster parents in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.

Deb Duthie, Sharon Steinhauer, Catherine Twinn, Vincent Steinhauer, Bob Lonne - Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children 27 Apr 2019

This chapter from the book Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children critiques historical and contemporary child protection approaches that are viewed as replicating the colonialist practices of child removal and destruction of families/parenting and communities. Using Australia and Canada as examples, it focuses upon three different sources of the disadvantage and distress that Indigenous communities typically experience: the impacts of Colonisation; intergenerational trauma; and the ongoing social, economic, legal and political inequalities that stem from deep-seated inequity.

Nico Trocmé, Tonino Esposito, Barbara Fallon, Martin Chabot, Ashleigh Delaye - Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children 27 Apr 2019

The purpose of this chapter from the book Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children is to document and discuss the conceptual, methodological, ethical, and infrastructure related issues that arise in supporting the research needs of child welfare organizations in Canada in order to implement evidence-based practice models, while providing examples of the usefulness and challenges of using administrative child welfare data to inform policies and programs.

Jennifer Ma, Barbara Fallon, Ramona Alaggia, Kenn Richard - Children and Youth Services Review9 Apr 2019

The current study comprises a secondary analysis of the 2013 Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect and focuses on the decision to provide ongoing child welfare services.

Brittany Barker, Kali Sedgemore, Malcolm Tourangeau, Louise Lagimodiere, John Milloy, Huiru Dong, Kanna Hayashi, Jean Shoveller, Thomas Kerr, Kora DeBeck - Journal of Adolescent Health1 Apr 2019

This study investigated the relationship between familial residential school system (RSS) exposure and personal child welfare system (CWS) involvement among young people who use drugs (PWUD).

Lil Tonmyr, Margot Shields, Ajani Asokumar, Wendy Hovdestad, Jessica Laurin, Shamir Mukhi, Linda Burnside - Child Abuse & Neglect29 Mar 2019

This study assesses the feasibility of hiring coders to abstract the required information from administrative records and case narratives, to inform programs that aim to eradicate child maltreatment (CM) and to provide services to children and families in Canada.

Randall Waechter, Dilesha Kumanayaka, Colleen Angus-Yamada, Christine Wekerle, Savanah Smith and The MAP Research Team - 11 Mar 2019

This open access study compared self-reported impact of research participation against maltreatment history and current post-traumatic stress symptomatology among a randomly selected group of adolescents (< 18 years old) in the child protection service (CPS) system.

Jorge Barrera - CBC News5 Mar 2019

"A $3.05 billion class action lawsuit has been filed against the federal government for discriminating against First Nations children by "systematically" underfunding on-reserve child welfare services," according to this article from CBC News in Canada.

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler PhD, Kathleen Kenny MHSc, Janelle Lee BSc, Kellie Thiessen RM RN PhD, Margaret Morris MD MEd, Leslie L. Roos PhD - CMAJ25 Feb 2019

The objective of this study was to examine prenatal care among women with a history of having a child placed in out-of-home care, and whether their care differed from care among women who did not.

Jennifer Ma, Barbara Fallon, Kenn Richard - Child Abuse & Neglect8 Feb 2019

The objectives of this article are to: 1) estimate the rate of overrepresentation of First Nations children and youth involved in child welfare investigations in the Ontario child welfare system and, 2) determine which factors drive the overrepresentation of First Nations children in child welfare at the investigation stage compared to White children.