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Jorge Barrera - CBC News5 Mar 2019

"A $3.05 billion class action lawsuit has been filed against the federal government for discriminating against First Nations children by "systematically" underfunding on-reserve child welfare services," according to this article from CBC News in Canada.

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler PhD, Kathleen Kenny MHSc, Janelle Lee BSc, Kellie Thiessen RM RN PhD, Margaret Morris MD MEd, Leslie L. Roos PhD - CMAJ25 Feb 2019

The objective of this study was to examine prenatal care among women with a history of having a child placed in out-of-home care, and whether their care differed from care among women who did not.

Jennifer Ma, Barbara Fallon, Kenn Richard - Child Abuse & Neglect8 Feb 2019

The objectives of this article are to: 1) estimate the rate of overrepresentation of First Nations children and youth involved in child welfare investigations in the Ontario child welfare system and, 2) determine which factors drive the overrepresentation of First Nations children in child welfare at the investigation stage compared to White children.

Sarah S. Mayer - Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma7 Feb 2019

Despite limited research on the effectiveness of mind-body interventions with children and adolescents in out-of-home care in Canada, a review of available literature on mindfulness, arts-based methods, and yoga suggests these therapeutic interventions promote resilience and positive development.

Nancy MacDonald - The Globe and Mail20 Jan 2019

"In the Cowichan Valley, a growing network of mothers, advocates, midwives, doctors and elected officials is trying to take a different approach to address the ‘humanitarian crisis’ of Indigenous kids in care" in British Columbia, Canada, says this article from the Globe and Mail.

Dillon T. Browne, Jacqueline Johnson, Erin Beatty, Mary Price Cameron, Duane Durham, Aron Shlonsky - Developmental Child Welfare10 Jan 2019

The present study describes a community implementation of treatment foster care (TFC) for children and youth involved with child welfare in Ontario, Canada.

Ryan McKenna - The Canadian Press7 Jan 2019

The Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe, has issued an apology to the indigenous communities of the province for "the pain and the sadness" experienced during what is known as the "Sixties Scoop, when "about 20,000 Indigenous children were seized from their birth families and relocated to non-Indigenous homes starting in the 1950s until the late 1980s."

Christine Maltais, Chantal Cyr, Geneviève Parent, Katherine Pascuzzo - Child Abuse & Neglect19 Dec 2018

The aim of this meta-analysis is to identify the most effective interventions to promote parental engagement and family reunification in high-income countries.

Katie Hyslop - The Tyee13 Dec 2018

This article from the Tyee highlights a new report with recommendations for supporting foster youth in transitioning to independent living, which was co-researched by 8 youth from care and a a McGill University social work PhD student, Melanie Doucet.

Melanie Doucet - McGill University11 Dec 2018

Relationships Matter for Youth 'Aging Out' of Care is a collaborative photovoice project led by Melanie Doucet, who is a former youth in care, alongside eight former youth in care between the ages of 19 and 29 from the Greater Vancouver area.