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IFCO25 Jun 2020

This international conference, hosted by the International Foster Care Organization (IFCO), will profile initiatives that help children and youth in care thrive by promoting the creation of significant relationships, a sense of belonging to their family, their community, and their culture.

30 Sep 2019

Spotlight: Child Welfare is a collaborative journalism project that aims to deepen and improve reporting on B.C.’s child-welfare system.

Brielle Morgan, Katie Hyslop, Cherise Seucharan, Tracy Sherlock - The Discourse6 Jun 2019

This article from The Discourse presents findings from a collaborative investigation into the child-welfare system of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada conducted by journalists from The Discourse, The Tyee and Star Vancouver in which parents were asked "whether they felt they were getting adequate support — financial and otherwise — before their kids were apprehended by B.C. social workers."

Sara Miller Llana - Christian Science Monitor5 Jun 2019

This article from the Christian Science Monitor explores the history of child removals and family separations of Indigenous families in Canada, and what Indigenous communities are doing now to break the cycle.

Carly Elizabeth Magee, Martin Guhn, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Eva Oberle - Children and Youth Services Review8 May 2019

This study examined associations between perceived support from adults in three developmental contexts (home, school and neighbourhood) and mental well-being (life satisfaction, self-concept, optimism) among grade four children living with foster parents in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.

Alicia Boatswain-Kyte - Université de Montréal1 May 2019

This three-paper dissertation examines the overrepresentation of Black children reported to child protection services in Canada.

Deb Duthie, Sharon Steinhauer, Catherine Twinn, Vincent Steinhauer, Bob Lonne - Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children 27 Apr 2019

This chapter from the book Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children critiques historical and contemporary child protection approaches that are viewed as replicating the colonialist practices of child removal and destruction of families/parenting and communities. Using Australia and Canada as examples, it focuses upon three different sources of the disadvantage and distress that Indigenous communities typically experience: the impacts of Colonisation; intergenerational trauma; and the ongoing social, economic, legal and political inequalities that stem from deep-seated inequity.

Nico Trocmé, Tonino Esposito, Barbara Fallon, Martin Chabot, Ashleigh Delaye - Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children 27 Apr 2019

The purpose of this chapter from the book Re-Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children is to document and discuss the conceptual, methodological, ethical, and infrastructure related issues that arise in supporting the research needs of child welfare organizations in Canada in order to implement evidence-based practice models, while providing examples of the usefulness and challenges of using administrative child welfare data to inform policies and programs.

Jennifer Ma, Barbara Fallon, Ramona Alaggia, Kenn Richard - Children and Youth Services Review9 Apr 2019

The current study comprises a secondary analysis of the 2013 Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect and focuses on the decision to provide ongoing child welfare services.

Bryn King, Barbara Fallon, Ami Goulden, Carolyn O’Connor, and Joanne Filippelli - Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services5 Apr 2019

This article examines characteristics and decision making related to investigating workers’ determinations that young children of adolescent and young adult mothers are at risk of future maltreatment.