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Ren Shichen - CNN4 Feb 2018

For over three years, a photographer traveled throughout rural China capturing portraits of China's "left-behind" children, whose parents have left them in the care of relatives as they go to work in the cities.

Chloë Finet, Harriet J. Vermeer, Femmie Juffer, Guy Bosmans - Children and Youth Services Review31 Jan 2018

In the current study the authors examined associations between children's pre-adoption experiences (type of pre-adoption care and early deprivation) and their adaptive and maladaptive behavioral adjustment. 

Kerry Allen - BBC News11 Jan 2018

A photograph of a young boy in China with frozen hair has captured the attention of the public and has "sparked renewed discussion online about child poverty," according to this article from the BBC. 

UNICEF18 Dec 2017

UNICEF is seeking an intern to support the Violence against Children Survey (VACS) and knowledge management of policies and practices in child protection. 

Chenyue Zhao, Xudon Zhou, Feng Wang, Minmin Jiang, and Therese Hesketh - Children and Youth Services Review22 Sep 2017

This study evaluated the feasibility, acceptance, preliminary outcomes and potential sustainability of a community-based intervention program for left behind children in China. 

BBC News 14 Aug 2017

"Boot camps" for youth with internet and gaming addictions have become increasingly popular in China and are criticized for their military-style discipline and harsh practices. The recent death of a Chinese teenager just two days after entering one such instution has sparked an outrage over the use of these institutions and their practices. 

Xiaoyuan Shang & Karen R. Fisher - Child Maltreatment in Residential Care3 Aug 2017

This chapter of Child Maltreatment in Residential Care describes the progression of changes in China's child care and protection policies to reduce the use of institutional care for children and increase efforts toward family strengthening and family-based models of alternative care. 

S. Woodhouse, A. Miah and M. Rutter - Cambridge University Press22 Jun 2017

This article focuses on the assessment of the effects of early institutional care and compares three longitudinal studies from Romania, Greece and Hong Kong/China.

Yang Meiping - Shanghai Daily23 May 2017

New policy in China allows court applications to revoke the guardianship of parents or authorized guardians if they refuse to perform their custody duties for more than six months.

Sina22 Mar 2017

China orders authorities to check all qualifications, facilities, services and safety management for all government foster care facilities.