Czech Republic

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ISPCAN2 Sep 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

The theme of this year's ISPCAN Congress, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic 2-5 September 2018, is "Child Protection in the Changing World."

Iva Junova and Gabriela Slaninova - International Conference of Society, Health and Welfare1 Jan 2018

The aim of the article is to describe the system of the substitute family care in the Czech Republic and to introduce a foster care as one of the institutes of the substitute family care.

Veronika Blažková & Daniela Nováková - Street Children: An International Perspective1 Jan 2018

This article describes the changes in institutional care in the Czech Republic that were ushered in with the acceptance of the law on the execution of institutional or protective upbringing in 2002.

Viera Vavrecková, Michaela Tichá, & Zlata Ondrúšová - DANUBE: Law, Economics and Social Issues Review1 Dec 2017

The objective of this essay is to determine how substitute child care in the Czech Republic has changed in the last ten years.

Czech News Agency (CTK) - Prague Daily Monitor20 Jul 2017

Over the past five years, the number of children in the Czech Republic returned from institutional care to their biological parents has increased by one-third. 

Dr Sarah Woodin - Mental Disability Advocacy Centre, Ann Craft Trust, Global Initiative on Psychiatry, The League of Human Rights 1 May 2017

This report is one of several outputs arising from the project “Identifying and Preventing Abuse of Children with Mental Disabilities in Institutions.” The report presents findings from the monitoring of European institutions where children with intellectual disabilities and children with psychosocial disabilities live on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, through the development of tools and guidance aligned with international human rights law and policy. - Catholic World News9 Jan 2017

Czech bishop calls government's preference for foster care "completely unrealistic".

E. Křížová, H. Janečková, J. Běláček — Central European Journal of Public Health24 Dec 2016

This abstract relays the findings of a survey on informal carers' views and opinions under the current conditions of social support in the Czech Republic. 

TransMonEE1 Nov 2016

This document summarizes the content of the 6-7 October 2016 Network Meeting of National Statistical Offices. The event comprised of a number of presentations on topics related to the SDGs and data on children in alternative care. 

Lumos19 Jan 2016

Supported by the non-profit organisation Lumos, British Family Court Judge Nick Crichton, a pioneer of the Drug and Alcohol Courts in the UK, is advising his contemporaries in the Czech Republic as part of the overall reform process in the country to end the institutionalization of children. Nick Crichton has 30 years of experience of sitting as a District Judge and has worked with children and families. He presented at the Czech Judicial Academy, a training and education academy for Czech judges in Kromeriz, Czech Republic on 20-21 January.