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Jill Duerr Berrick, Jonathan Dickens, Tarja Pösö, Marit Skivenes - Children and Youth Services Review13 Nov 2017

This article compares blank care order application templates used in four countries (England, Finland, Norway, and USA (California)), treating them as a vital part of the ‘institutional scripts’ that shape practice, and embody state principles of child protection. 

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)20 Jul 2017

This report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) provides data on migration throughout the EU from 1-30 June 2017. The report includes data on the child protection situation for migrant children, particularly the identification, emergency placement and accommodation of unaccompanied children. 

Niina Rita, Marko Elovainio, Hanna Raaska, Pekka Lahti-Nuuttila, Jaakko Matomäki, Jari Sinkkonen, Helena Lapinleimu - Scandinavian Journal of Psychology18 Jul 2017

This study explores whether child and family-related factors are associated with later psychological problems in international adoptees in Finland. Researchers then investigated whether the length of time a child spends at home after adoption and before daycare moderates the aforementioned associations. 

Plan International4 Apr 2017

The focus of the position is to coordinate and implement projects by Plan International Country Offices and implementing partners, provide technical support for project planning, monitoring and eva

Uutiset8 Feb 2017

Save the Children seeks foster homes in Finland for unaccompanied refugee children.

Veronika Honkasalo, Karim Maiche, Henri Onodera, Marja Peltola & Leena Suurpää (Eds.) - Finnish Youth Research Society1 Jan 2017

The article collection 'Young people in reception centres' presents how the young people applying for asylum in Finland and the people working with them experience the first few months that follow a young person’s arrival in Finland. 

Raad Voor Strafrechtstoepassing en Jeugbescherming2 Nov 2016

This document discusses the means by which the Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Youth Protection in Netherlands (the Council) can provide the highest level of protection for c

University of Eastern Finland18 Oct 2016

Fudan University and the University of Eastern Finland will open a joint Sino-Finnish Centre for Child Protection Research, SFCPR, in Shanghai. 

Daja Wenke - Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat, Estonian Presidency 2014-2015, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Social Affairs6 May 2015

This report was developed as part of a mapping study aimed at analysing the situation of alternative care and family support in the Baltic Sea Region, assessing the achievements since the 2005 Ministerial Forum and identifying relevant opportunities and challenges for the future.

Council of the Baltic Sea States, Estonian Presidency 2014-2015, Sotsiaalministeerium6 May 2015

This report provides an overview of the two-day expert meeting on alternative care and family support in the Baltic Sea Region that took place in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2015.