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Flora Bolter & Gilles Séraphin - National Systems of Child Protection7 Aug 2018

This chapter describes the child protection system in France.

Human Rights Watch4 Jul 2018

This report from Human Rights Watch examines the arbitrary procedures and inordinate delays in determining that unaccompanied migrant children in France are under age 18, the first step to entry into the French child protection system.

Maryse Bournel-Bosson, Michèle Grossen - Learning, Culture and Social Interaction5 Jun 2018

This study explores how the social workers and the families cope with the paradox of constrained help and enter into some form of collaboration.

Tatiana Eremenko & Amparo González‐Ferrer - Population, Space and Place20 May 2018

In this paper, the authors examine the reunification patterns of children left‐behind by parents who migrated to France and Spain in order to understand whether children from standard two‐parent families differ in their chances of joining their migrant parents in the destination country compared to children in non‐standard families (single parent and blended families), as well as the potential role of immigration policies on these chances.

Alice Lucas, Marta Welander - Refugee Rights Europe1 Mar 2018



Angelique Chrisafis - The Guardian8 Feb 2018

This article from the Guardian shines a light on the treatment of children with autism in France, describing how the outdated system often places children into psychiatric institutions and removes them from the care of their parents.

Emma, The Mother Load - The Guardian16 Dec 2017

This article, with accompanying cartoons, explains the lack of support given to new parents (particularly mothers) in caring for their children in the United States, and, to a lesser degree, in France. 

Blanchard A, Bébin L, Leroux S, Roussey M, Horel MA, Desforges M, Page I, Bidet Y, Balençon M - Arch Pediatr14 Dec 2017

This was a retrospective and descriptive study on infants living in prisons with their mothers in France.

Gwladys Demazure, Sydney Gaultier, Nicolas Pinsault - European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry6 Dec 2017

This paper summarizes the different interventions used with URMs to get an overview of techniques used for reducing psychopathologies and difficulties of URMs and to give recommendations to help professionals. 

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)20 Jul 2017

This report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) provides data on migration throughout the EU from 1-30 June 2017. The report includes data on the child protection situation for migrant children, particularly the identification, emergency placement and accommodation of unaccompanied children.