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The Times of India7 Jul 2019

The government of the state of Kerala in India has launched a new program to promote kinship care for children currently residing in child care instititions, according to this article from the Times of India.

Sushmita Chakraborty, Shipra Modak, Susmita Halder - Indian Journal of Applied Research1 Jun 2019

A descriptive study was undertaken to assess self-esteem and its associated factors among adolescents living in orphanage and with parents at home in a selected orphanage and community, West Bengal with the objectives to assess level of self-esteem among adolescents living in orphanage and in home and to find out the associated factors related to self-esteem.

Seema Naaz and Zubair Meenai - Rajagiri Journal of Social Development1 Jun 2019

This paper presents the current vulnerabilities faced by children and the scenario of child protection in India. While discussing the legal provisions prevailing in the country, it sheds light on the socio-cultural barriers that are creating resistance within the society in making the Alternative Care model (and the process of deinstitutionalisation of children) a success. Lastly it suggests viable options that may be helpful for the same.

Vignesh Vijayakumar - The Hindu19 May 2019

An inquiry by police in the Indian state of Namakkal into an audio recording of a conversation on procuring babies for illegal adoption, "which sounded like one between a prospective buyer and a broker, uncovered a network involved in the sale of 30 newborns – 24 of them female -- from various parts of the State," says this article from the Hindu.

Dileep V Kumar - The New Indian Express8 May 2019

The government of the Indian state of Kerala is considering a plan to deinstitutionalize their residential care system, reintegrating children from child care institutions into their families of origin or finding family-based alternative care options such as foster care and adoption, according to this article from the New Indian Express.

Family for Every Child21 Apr 2019

Family for Every Child is looking for a Knowledge Management Coordinator to strengthen the Alliance’s capacity to transform information into knowledge, which both informs their own joint work and is used to evidence impact, and influence others. 

Vageshwari Deswal - Times of India19 Apr 2019

This opinion piece by Vageshwari Deswal in the Times of India makes the case for promoting and strengthening foster care in India.

Aditi R - Times of India8 Mar 2019

Child rights activists in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have lauded the Australian government's recent inclusion of orphanage trafficking in their Modern Slavery Act and the country's efforts to cut off support to overseas orphanages, according to this article from the Times of India.

Phillips Adrian, Saxena Ratna, Abraham Ronny Thomas - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond26 Feb 2019

To ensure protection of children from institutional abuse, there is an urgent need to review the existing laws in terms of their efficacy to protect children and feasibility in implementation. The present study suggests possible solutions, by trying to understand standardized and effective models of care systems and mechanisms.

Ambika Pandit - Times of India9 Feb 2019

"A total number of 1,265 children have been reported to have died in specialised adoption agencies (SAAs) across states between April 2014 to January 31, 2019," according to this article from the Times of India.