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FICE International29 Oct 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel

The Theme that was chosen for FICE International's 34th World Congress is very relevant to most societies all over the world, which are becoming more and more multicultural.

Shalhevet Attar-Schwartz - Children and Youth Services Review12 Apr 2019

This study was based on a random cluster sample of 1409 youth, aged 13 to 20, in Israeli educational residential care settings (RCSs) designed for youth from underprivileged backgrounds.

Tehila Refaeli, Rami Benbenishty, Anat Zeira - Children and Youth Services Review1 Feb 2019

This study focuses on life satisfaction among care leavers four years after leaving care in Israel.

Shalhevet Attar-Schwartz & Yisca Huri - Children and Youth Services Review17 Nov 2018

The current study, based on the reports of a random cluster sample of 1236 adolescents in grades 8 to 12 residing in Israeli educational RCSs for youth from underprivileged backgrounds, examined the contribution of informal grandparental support to the life satisfaction of adolescents in residential care settings (RCSs).

Yafit Sulimani-Aidan & Yuval Paldi - Journal of Social Work9 Aug 2018

This exploratory study deals with biological parents’ involvement in residential placement in Israel from the point of view of 79 youth who left care.

Ruth Gottfried & Asher Ben-Arieh - National Systems of Child Protection7 Aug 2018

This chapter describes the child protection system of Israel.

Yafit Sulimani-Aidan - Children and Youth Services Review18 Apr 2018

The goal of this study was to explore the assets and pathways in pursuing the future goals of 25 care leavers in Israel.

Liat Yakhnich, Emmanuel Grupper & Shlomo Romi - Child & Youth Services16 Apr 2018

This opinion note aims at opening a discussion about a new, inclusion-focused perspective on higher professional education of CYC workers.

Hani Nouman, Guy Enosh, Amal Jarjoura - Research on Social Work Practice1 Apr 2018

This study examined the four factors that might bias child risk assessment and recommendation of treatment for children at high risk among Arab social workers in Israel.

Miriam Schiff PhD, Rachel Dekel PhD, Ohad Gilbar MSW, Rami Benbenishty PhD - Child & Family Social Work6 Mar 2018

This study examined the associations between exposure to armed conflict, perceived support, work experience, needing help, and post-traumatic distress among Israeli social workers in foster care agencies based on Conservation of Resources theory.