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TransMonEE1 Nov 2016

This document summarizes the content of the 6-7 October 2016 Network Meeting of National Statistical Offices. The event comprised of a number of presentations on topics related to the SDGs and data on children in alternative care. 

Better Care Network13 Jun 2014

This country care review includes the care related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child as part of its examination of the third and fourth periodic reports of Kyrgyzstan (CRC/C/KGZ/4-5) during its 65th Session at its 1880th and 1881st meetings held on 28 May 2014, and adopted, at its 1901st meeting, held on 13 June 2014.

Sydney Brownstone and Carolyn Perot, Mother Jones15 Apr 2013

Charts that accompany the article Orphan Fever: The Evangelical Movement’s Adoption Obsession, illustrating the trends in international adoptions from Liberia, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Haiti to families in the United States.

Emily Delap 1 Nov 2009

This document outlines EveryChild’s approach to the growing problem of children without parental care by defining key concepts, analysing the nature and extent of the problem, exploring factors which place children at risk of losing parental care, and examining the impact of a loss of parental care on children’s rights.

UNICEF, Natalia Lyalina and Anna Nordenmark Severinsson21 May 2009

Developed by the UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe/Commonwealth of Independent States as a discussion paper for the 2nd Child Protection Forum on Building and Reforming Child Care Systems

Peter Evans14 May 2009

This presentation, conducted by Peter Evans at the Second Child Protection Forum in Bishkek from 12 to14 May, 2009, includes information on gatekeeping, including a definition, the components of gatekeeping, a flowchart of entry routes for children into institutions, outlines of assessments and intervention plans, monthly monitoring and information systems, and more.

Peter Evans1 May 2009

This background paper draws attention to the child protection reforms to be made to gatekeeping access to services. The paper draws attention to critical linkages to relevant legal, policy and procedural reforms and the reform of services to support children and families.

Oxford Policy Management1 Apr 2009

Analysis of policy and service model used to identify barriers in the delivery of alternative care services for children.

Peter Evans, Save the Children UK, Kyrgyz Republic Program Office 1 Jan 2007

Guidelines for recording a comprehensive assessment of the child. Outlines questions to be asked during the assessment.