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Victor Cebotari, Melissa Siegel, Valentina Mazzucato - Comparative Migration Studies8 Feb 2018

his study uses nationally representative data collected in 2011–2012 in Moldova (N = 1601) and Georgia (N = 1193) to investigate how children’s health associates with five transnational characteristics: migrant and return-migrant household types, parental migration and parental divorce, maternal and/or paternal migration and caregiver’s identity, the duration of migration, and remittances.

Opening Doors for Europe's Children1 Feb 2018

The 2017 country factsheets provide an update on the status of child protection and care reforms from 16 European countries that are the focus of Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign in Phase II. 

Umberto Bacchi - Reuters15 Nov 2017

This article from Reuters explains how Moldova plans to use blockchain technology to combat child trafficking in the country with help from UN experts. 

Better Care Network10 Nov 2017

This country care review includes the care related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Committee on the Right of the Child at their recent examinations of the State's report.

UNICEF Moldova1 Nov 2017

This document represents the “Evaluation of Government of Moldova - UNICEF 2013-2017 Country Programme of Cooperation (CPC)”. The evaluation was conducted between August 2016 and February 2017. 

Tatiana Dnestrean, Svetlana Rîjicova, & Stela Grigoraș - Partnerships for Every Child, Advancing Partners and Communities1 Nov 2017

This guide represents a methodological support that describes the procedures for the provision, organization and operation of the Family Support Service.

Svetlana Rîjicova & Stela Grigoraș - Partnerships for Every Child, Government of the Republic of Moldova & Advancing Partners and Communities1 Nov 2017

This guide is designed for social workers employed in the social services addressed to families and children in Moldova. In this version, the case management methodology focuses on family strengthening and the development of family’s competences, with the ultimate aim of achieving every child’s well-being. 

MEASURE Evaluation 22 Sep 2017

International actors and representatives from Armenia, Ghana, Moldova, and Uganda convened in London September 11-15 2017 to learn and share experiences to inform the alternative care reform process in the four countries. 

MEASURE Evaluation & USAID15 Sep 2017

This infographic provides a historical timeline of the alternative care reform process in Moldova, marking key achievements in the establishment of policies, guidelines, procedures, and programs to improve the quality of care and protection for children without adequate family care. 

Stela Grigoraș, Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection11 Sep 2017

This presentation by the Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection of Moldova outlines the basic demographic data of Moldova and provides a thorough review of the situation of children's care, and care reform efforts, in the country.