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Nicola Atwool - Child & Family Social Work16 May 2018

The focus of this paper is the challenge of implementing trauma‐informed practice in the child protection service provided by the Intensive Intervention work stream.

Chris Chang - 1 News24 Feb 2018

A New Zealand-based volunteer tourism company, International Volunteer HQ, will begin phasing out volunteer placements in overseas orphanages due to concerns of child exploitation, according to this article and accompanying video from 1 News. 

Emily Keddell, Ian Hyslop - Children and Youth Services Review15 Feb 2018

This article reports on a mixed methods study that used an ecological approach to understanding variability in child welfare decision-making.

Anne Lorraine Scott, Kelly Pope, Donald Quick, Bella Aitken, Adele Parkinson - Children and Youth Services Review13 Feb 2018

This paper analyzes the perspectives of eleven social workers doing child protection work and examines the accounts of thirteen parents living with mental illness or addiction who have been involved in child custody investigations in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Nicholas Jones - NZ Herald10 Feb 2018

A New Zealand-based "voluntourism" company has announced it will be removing orphanage volunteer trips from its offerings, according to this article from the New Zealand Herald. 

Rhema Vaithianathan, Bénédicte Rouland, Emily Putnam-Hornstein - Pediatrics2 Jan 2018

The aim of this study was to determine if children identified by a predictive risk model as at “high risk” of maltreatment are also at elevated risk of injury and mortality in early childhood.

Fiona Cram, Min Vette, Moira Wilson, Rhema Vaithianathan, Tim Maloney, and Sarah Baird - New Zealand Council for Educational Research1 Jan 2018

This article explores how an approach based on he awa whiria can work in practice in the examination of the efficacy for Māori whānau (families) of the government’s intensive home-visiting programme, Family Start.

Shirley-Ann Chinnery - Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education 1 Dec 2017

This paper argues that assessment of relational quality of applicant foster parents must be a routine component of care practice evaluations, supported by assessment methods capable of distinguishing individual differences on the relational indices of interest. 

Wendy Kelly25 Oct 2017

This book introduces the Relational Learning Framework (RLF), an assessment tool which helps foster care practitioners, social workers and foster carers to examine what foster children have learned in their early life about relationships and particularly through maltreatment. 

The Maori Party - SCOOP Independent News30 Aug 2017

A United Nations report calls for an independent inquiry into the abuse of children in state care in New Zealand 1950-1990.