Demographic Data

  • Total Population: 173,620,000
  • Population under 15: 46%
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 52.5 years
  • Human Development Index: 152 out of 187
  • World Bank Status: Lower Middle Income
  • HIV/AIDS Prevalence (age 15-49): 3.2%
  • Mean Household Composition: 4.6 persons
  • Female-Headed Households: 19%
  • Early Marriage (% of children married by 18 years): 49%

Sources: World Bank, UNDP, UNAIDS, DHS 2013

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Toluwani Eniola - The Epoch Times24 Sep 2018

This article from the Epoch Times tells the story of Aisha Usman, adoptive mother of three and advocate for ending the institutionalization of children in Nigeria. The article also describes the global movement to move away from institutional care of children.

Gabrielle F. Miller, Laura Chiang, NaTasha Hollis - Child Abuse & Neglect7 Sep 2018

This study seeks to assess the impact of economic factors on sexual, emotional, and physical violence on Nigerian children and adolescents aged 13–24 years.

UNICEF6 Jul 2018

UNICEF is seeking a temporary Child Protection Specialist in Nigeria.

UNICEF6 Jul 2018

UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Officer in Nigeria. 

Collins Olayinka - AllAfrica29 May 2018

According to this article from AllAfrica, Nigeria's National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons has expressed great concern over "the illegal sale of children in the country" from unregistered orphanage homes.

Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children), Catholic Relief Services29 May 2018

Better Parenting Nigeria is a parenting education curriculum whose goal is to build caregiver protective factors so that parents can provide better support to children.

Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children), Catholic Relief Services29 May 2018

The Better Parenting Nigeria Community Discussion Guide supplements the Better Parenting Nigeria Facilitator Manual to facilitate guided discussions and learning by parents to improve parenting knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Chima Victor - Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 1 May 2018

This study examined the sociodemographic determinants of child health support services provided to orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria by employing a cross sectional research design utilizing secondary data obtained from the household recoded dataset of the 2013 Nigeria Demographic Health Survey (NDHS).

Plan International29 Apr 2018

Plan International is seeking a consultant to conduct an evaluation of Plan International’s Integrated Protection Mobile Service Delivery approach in Lake Chad (Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria) and Central African Republic (CAR).

BBC News26 Apr 2018

Nigerian authorities have removed over 160 children and teenagers from a "baby factory" and two unregistered orphanages in Lagos, according to this article from the BBC.