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Sónia Rodrigues, Maria Barbosa-Ducharne, Jorge F. Del Valle, Joana Campos - Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal22 Mar 2019

This study aims to analyze the comparative effectiveness of Youth Self-Report (YSR) and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) as screening tools of psychological (mal)adjustment, looking for differences in the way psychological problems and difficulties are identified by these two measures in adolescents in residential care (RC).

Joana Campos, Maria Barbosa-Ducharne, Pedro Dias, Sónia Rodrigues, Ana Catarina Martins, Mariana Leal - Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal3 Jan 2019

This study compared adolescents in residential care (RC) in Portugal, with a Portuguese community sample on the incidence of mental health problems and psychosocial skills, explored gender differences and the relationships between mental health problems and psychosocial competencies.

Maria Barbosa Ducharne - EUSARF 20182 Oct 2018
Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto, Portugal

The European Scientific Association on Residential & Family Care for Children and Adolescents Conference will be held in Porto, Portugal from 2nd to 5th October 2018.

Paula Vagos, Diana Ribeiro da Silva, Nélio Brazão, Daniel Rijo, Jeff Elison - Child & Youth Care Forum29 Sep 2018

This study evaluated the psychometric properties of a Portuguese version of the Compass of Shame Scale using an adolescent sample, to investigate if its internal structure was valid for diverse adolescent subsamples, and to gather evidence on the construct validity of the instrument.

João M.S.Carvalho, Paulo Delgado, Vânia S. Pinto, Rami Benbenishty - Child Abuse & Neglect28 Sep 2018

An important goal of out of home care is to prepare the family and child for reunification. Practitioners are often required to make the decision whether to reunify a foster child with their biological family. This study examines this complex reunification decision in Portugal.

Maria Barbosa-Ducharne, Sylvie Marinho - Research on Social Work Practice26 Jun 2018

The main goals of this study from the Special Issue on Adoption Breakdown of the journal of Research on Social Work Practice were to determine the incidence of preadoption breakdown in Portugal, describe preadoptive parents’ reasons for ending placement, compare intact/disrupted placements, and identify adoption disruption risk and protective factors.

Paulo Delgado, Vânia S. Pinto, João M.S. Carvalho, Robbie Gilligan - Child & Family Social Work29 May 2018

This is a pilot study on the sensitive issue of how children and young people experience family contact in foster care, and the views of key adults in their lives on the same issue.

Ainoa Mateos Inchaurrondo PhD, Nuria Fuentes-Peláez PhD, Crescencia Pastor Vicente PhD, Anna Mundet Bolós PhD - Child & Family Social Work6 Mar 2018

This quantitative study contributes knowledge regarding the attitude of professionals towards positive parenting and child participation.

Marta Santos-Nunes, Isabel Narciso, Salomé Vieira-Santos, Magda Sofia Roberto - Children and Youth Services Review26 Feb 2018

This study aimed to test the impact of parents' evaluation of expectations on their child's behavioral problem by investigating a sequential mediation effect of parenting stress and parental satisfaction.

Elisete Diogo and Francisco Branco - Societies20 Dec 2017

This research aims to contribute to a deeper visibility of the care phenomena, giving specific attention to the foster families themselves.