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South African National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) & CYC-Net2 Jul 2019
Durban, South Africa

The National Executive Committee of the South African National Association of Child Care Workers(NACCW) and the Board of Governors of CYC-Net have announced details of the 22nd NACCW Biennial Conference and the 4th CYC-Net World Conference to be held in Durban, South Africa from 2-4 July 2019.

Siphokazi Kwatubana & Mashuda Ebrahim - Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal17 Apr 2019

This research investigated the psychosocial-support provision for learners from child-headed households (CHHs) in five public high schools in South Africa.

Zeenat Yassin, Charlene Jennifer Erasmus, Josè Frantz - Global Social Welfare14 Feb 2019

This study explored children orphaned by AIDS perceptions and experiences of HIV-related stigma and how it has affected their psychosocial well-being.

Leila Patel, Tessa Hochfeld, Eleanor Ross, Jenita Chiba, Karin Luck - The Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA), University of Johannesburg1 Feb 2019

This report presents the findings of an intervention study evaluating the short-term outcomes of Sihleng’imizi Family Programme, an evidence-based preventative social-educational intervention.

Priscilla Gerrand, Garth Stevens - Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk1 Jan 2019

This paper explores how Black South Africans perceive and experience the adoption assessment process regarding the adoption of abandoned children.

Rajeshree Moodley, Tanusha Raniga, Vishanthie Sewpaul - Emerging Adulthood19 Dec 2018

Informed by the qualitative method and the descriptive-interpretive design, this study, which was underscored by radical humanist goals of structural social work, reflects the voices of 16 youth who had transitioned out of care.

Leila Patel, Tessa Hochfeld, Jenita Chiba - International Journal of Social Welfare6 Dec 2018

This qualitative study sought to explore the perspectives of a group of South African caregivers, all of whom were in receipt of a Child Support Grant (CSG), in relation to their own caregiving and family functioning.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance28 Nov 2018

Presenters of this webinar will share background on the history of tthe South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP), its role and composition.

Patricia Martin, Katharine Hall and Lori Lake - South African Child Gauge 201820 Nov 2018

This chapter from the South African Child Gauge 2018 reviews national policies supporting families as well as other services in South Africa that seek to strengthen families and address the needs of vulnerable families in the country.

Katharine Hall and Winnie Sambu - South African Child Gauge 201820 Nov 2018

This chapter from the South African Child Gauge 2018 provides an overview of children living in poverty in South Africa, highlighting those living in households without an employed adult.