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Opening Doors for Europe's Children15 Mar 2019

This factsheet highlights the developments and challenges still ahead in Spain and offers key recommendations to the EU and the national government to ensure that children are cared for in family-based settings.

Sílvia Indias, Ignacia Arruabarrena, Joaquín De Paúl - Children and Youth Services Review9 Mar 2019

The present study aimed to measure lifetime prevalence and frequency rates of child physical and emotional abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and several types of sexual and peer victimization among adolescents in residential care.

Nair Elizabeth Zárate-Alva and Josefina Sala-Roca - Children and Youth Services Review22 Feb 2019

The aim of this study is to explore whether girls who are in residential care have fewer emotional skills than their peers, and if so, whether these girls have similar socio-emotional skills to girls who also experience disadvantaged environments but live with their families.

Joan Llosada-Gistau, Ferran Casas, Carme Montserrat - Applied Research in Quality of Life9 Feb 2019

The aim of this study was to analyse subjectisuppleve well-being (SWB) among adolescents in care, considering the type of placement in greater depth and how it correlated with several explanatory variables.

Carmen Paniagua, Jesús Palacios, Jesús M. Jiménez‐Morago - Child & Family Social Work22 Jan 2019

The aim of this article is to analyse the specific factors which influence adoption breakdown by comparing cases of adoption breakdown which occurred prior to the onset of adolescence with those occurring after the beginning of this developmental stage.

Jamie Dettmer - Voice of America News12 Jan 2019

"No one is sure about how many migrant children are living in Spain without their parents — and that's part of the problem," says this article from Voice of America.

Barbara Torres‐Gomez, Itziar Alonso‐Arbiol, Miriam Gallarin - Journal of Research on Adolescence31 Oct 2018

This study examined adopted adolescents’ levels of attachment security to parents and aggressiveness as compared to those of community nonadopted adolescents and of clinical nonadopted adolescents.

Salas, María D.; Bernedo-Muñoz, Isabel Maria; Fernández-Baena, Francisco Javier; García-Martín, Miguel Ángel; Fuentes-Rebollo, María Jesús - Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Málaga23 Oct 2018

The present study analyzes the opinions of birth families, foster families and social workers responsible for supervising contact visits regarding the benefits and problems associated with contact visits.

Alba Águila‐Otero, Carla González‐García, Amaia Bravo, Susana Lázaro‐Visa, Jorge F. del Valle - International Journal of Social Welfare9 Oct 2018

The main goal of this article was to explore the correlates of mental health diseases in a sample of 169 children with intellectual disability (6–18 years old) in residential care in Spain compared with a group of 625 children, also in residential care but without disability.

Florence Treyvaud Nemtzov, Kruno Topolski, Zuleima Reyes Tacoronte - SOS Children’s Villages International1 Oct 2018

This publication from SOS Children's Villages and CELCIS describes the two-year project 'Prepare for Leaving Care,' which aimed to "embed a child rights based culture into child protection systems which improves outcomes for children and young people in particular in the preparation for leaving care," with youth participation at the heart of all activities.