Demographic Data

  • Total Population: 37.78 million
  • Population under 15 years: 48%
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 59 years
  • Human Development Index: 163 out of 188
  • World Bank Status: Low income
  • HIV/AIDS Prevalence (age 15-49): 7.3%
  • Mean Household Composition: 4.9 persons
  • Female-Headed Households: 29.5%
  • Early Marriage (% of children married by 18 years): 40%

Sources: World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP HDR 2015, DHS 2011

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EPRC Uganda, The University of Manchester, UNICEF30 Mar 2018

EPRC Uganda has issued a call for papers for its International Conference entitled "What Works for Africa’s Poorest Children? Social Policies and Programmes for Children Living in Extreme Deprivation." 

Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children14 Feb 2018

Prepared for the Agenda 2030 for Children: End Violence Solutions Summit, held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 14-15 February 2018, this report tracks progress towards prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment of children in Pathfinding countries. 

Nakisanze Segawa - Global Press Journal12 Jan 2018

This special report from the Global Press Journal explains Uganda's recent "crackdown" on children's homes, highlighting the transition of one institution in particular, Hope Center Uganda, from a residential care home to a community center.

UNICEF11 Jan 2018

UNICEF is seeking a consultant to conduct a mapping of residential care facilities in Uganda. 

Helen Nianias - Chatham House: The Royal Institute of International Affairs1 Jan 2018

This report from Chatham House explains how foreign volunteers and donations fuel the orphanage industry in Uganda and the work of Hope and Homes for Children to deinstitutionalize children and stop them "being seen as valuable assets."

UBS Optimus Foundation & Child's i Foundation1 Dec 2017

In this video from Time for Global Action: Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, Stephen Ucembe shares his experience of living in an orphanage and how institutionalization was detrimental to his development and wellbeing. 

David Kaawa-Mafigiri & Eddy Walakira1 Nov 2017

This book provides a unique perspective on addressing issues of various forms of violence against children from scholars within Uganda. 

Better Care Network & Child's i Foundation17 Oct 2017

In this video, Dinah Mwesigye, a social worker at Retrak in Kampala, Uganda, describes the process of finding foster families for street-connected children who are not able to be reunified with their biological families. 

Better Care Network & Child's i Foundation10 Oct 2017

In this video, social worker Diana Nyakarungi describes how Ekisa Ministries in Jinja, Uganda supports parents to care for their children with special needs within the community. 

Better Care Network & Child's i Foundation10 Oct 2017

In this video, social worker Evelyn Nateza describes the process used by Child's i Foundation to find Ugandan adoptive families for hard-to-place children.