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CELCIS & Global Implementation Society 15 Sep 2019
Glasgow, Scotland

Taking place from 15 - 17 September 2019, this international conference will attract participants from many disciplines, sectors, and parts of the world who all share a passion for what the science and practice of implementation offers in making real change and improvement to people’s lives and services.

CELCIS4 Jun 2019
Glasgow, Scotland

2019 marks the 20thanniversary of Scotland's flagship residential child care conference. SIRCC is an annual event in the calendar for those working with looked after children in Scotland. The conference will be held 4 & 5 June 2019 in Glasgow.

CELCIS16 May 2019
Glasgow, Scotland

This year's education conference will focus on positive educational journeys for children and young people with care experience.

Emily Munro - Leaving Care and the Transition to Adulthood25 Apr 2019

This chapter from the book Leaving Care and the Transition to Adulthood explores progress towards realizing the rights of young people in and leaving out of home care in Australia, Sweden and the UK.

Centre for Continuing Professional Development, School of Social Work, University of Central Lancashire1 Apr 2019
Preston, England

This Master Class, taught by David Tobis and Andy Bilson, is for practitioners in the field who are working to reform child protection systems.

Coram Children's Legal Centre18 Mar 2019

This report outlines the barriers to settlement demonstrated by the work CCLC has done with children and young people and makes recommendations for the ways in which the government can ensure that these barriers can be overcome as the EU settlement scheme is rolled out.

Lisa O'Carroll - The Guardian18 Mar 2019

The UK Home Office is introducing a new scheme requiring the registration of EU nationals after Brexit, putting children in care and other vulnerable children in danger of slipping through the cracks, according to a report from Coram Children’s Legal Centre. 

CELCIS12 Mar 2019

The Spring conference will focus on homeconnection and felt security.

Karen Wells - Child Abuse Review8 Mar 2019

This paper reports on a qualitative study that aimed to understand children’s experiences of private fostering and social work practice.

Sarah Alix - North Essex Teacher Training/ University of Suffolk27 Feb 2019

This article reports a three-stage process of developing a model of teacher education to encompass provision for Looked After Children in schools in the UK.