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Anne Jansen - The British Journal of Social Work7 Dec 2017

The present study is based on life mode interviews with social workers who started their careers in child protection services, focusing on their daily lives as newly graduated professionals. 

Louise Tickle - The Guardian7 Dec 2017

This opinion piece from the Guardian explains why more funding and support should be directed to kinship care and other alternative care arrangements that place children with extended family, instead of adoption or foster care outside of the family. 

Sarfraz Manzoor - The Guardian3 Dec 2017

This article from the Guardian tells the stories of Muslim foster parents in the UK.

Lumos3 Dec 2017

This is a fantastic opportunity for a technical specialist who has solid deinstitutionalisation (DI) experience to apply their knowledge and skillset to develop/deliver DI training courses and provide technical DI advice to external stakeholders such as governments, civil society organisations or individuals.

Judith Masson, Jonathan Dickens, and Kay Bader - Adoption and Fostering24 Nov 2017

This article will discuss the impact of reforms on time limits in decision-making for children, questioning whether they achieve both good decisions for children and justice for families. 

Lin Taylor - Reuters16 Nov 2017

This article from Reuters shines light on the vulnerability of children in foster care in the UK to child trafficking.

Berni Kelly, Sandra Dowling, Karen Winter - The Palgrave Handbook of Disabled Children’s Childhood Studies8 Nov 2017

This chapter discusses findings from a qualitative study that investigated the experiences of disabled children living in out-of-home care in th UK. 

BBC Two7 Nov 2017

This video from the BBC exposes some of the mental health struggles that many children in care experience in the UK, sharing the story of one particular young man, Callum, who was placed in care and engaged in self-harming behavior. 

Andy Bilson - The Telegraph6 Nov 2017

This article, written by Professor Andy Bilson and published in the UK's Telegraph, highlights a new campaign launched by Hope and Homes for Children called 'End the Silence.' The campaign is designed to raise awareness on the effects of institutionalization on children, and to raise funding for the organization's deinstitionalization efforts ("closing orphanages and finding loving, family based care for children.")

Chris Beckett, Jonathan Dickens, Gillian Schofield, Georgia Philip and Julie Young - Children and Youth Services Review 5 Nov 2017

The paper draws on a mixed methods study the role and effectiveness of Independent Reviewing Officers in England.