Demographic Data

  • Total Population: 15.72 million
  • Population under 15: 46%
  • Life Expectancy at Birth: 58 years
  • Human Development Index: 139 out of 188
  • World Bank Status: Lower middle income
  • HIV/AIDS Prevalence: 12.4%
  • Mean Household Composition: 5.1 members
  • Female-Headed Households: 27%
  • Early Marriage (% of children married by 18 years): 31%

Sources: World Bank UNICEF, UNDP HDR 2015, DHS 2013/2014

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Save the Children11 Feb 2018

The consultancy will support the Department of Social Welfare through the Alternative Care Technical Working Group to document and compile information for the development of a draft strategy with implementation plan for the National Child Care Reform based on the current  legal frameworks, Government’s vision for Child Care Reform, and on-going efforts (by Civil Society Partners and Cooperation Partners) to strengthen Child Care systems, including Alternative Care and Reintegration for children into family-based care in Zambia.

UNICEF10 Jan 2018

UNICEF is seeking a Chief of Child Protection in Zambia. 

Gerald Kaputo & Joseph Munsanje - Zambia Daily Mail Limited28 Nov 2017

This column briefly explains child abandonment and the use of childcare homes for abandoned children in the Zambian context. The author notes that formal foster care is not a popular mode of alternative care in Zambia and that awareness-raising would help to increase its use in the country.

Lusaka Times12 Nov 2017

The Government of Zambia is piloting a Children First Software (CFS) application "that will provide a database of the vulnerable people in the country in order for them to receive support from their households as opposed to being institutionalised in centers," according to this article from the Lusaka Times. 

Save the Children 26 Jul 2017

Save the Children is recruiting for a consultant to review and finalize Zambia's National Implementation Plan to strengthen the Social Service Workforce. 

Andrew Kardan, Andrew Wyatt, Ramla Attah and Paul Quarles van Ufford - Oxford Policy Management1 May 2017

This working paper assesses the performance of local and community-based structures in Kenya and Zambia in delivering the government social protection systems that they are tasked to support.

Rory Truell - The Guardian Social Care Network20 Mar 2017

Article from The Guardian’s Social Care Network recognizing World Social Work Day and the needs of vulnerable children in Zambia.

Anastasia J. Gage, Mai Do, and Donald Grant - Measure Evaluation1 Mar 2017

This compendium contains the findings from a review of 13 projects providing HIV services to adolescents in PEPFAR-supported countries. 

Anastasia J. Gage, Mai Do, and Donald Grant - MEASURE Evaluation1 Mar 2017

This document examines 13 projects serving HIV services to adolescents in PEPFAR-supported countries and provides a set of guidelines on best practices for adolescent and youth-friendly HIV programs. 

Better Care Network7 Feb 2017

The Zambia National Consultation Accelerating Children’s Care Reform Report is a summary report of a stakeholders’ meeting held between key stakeholders in children’s care in May, 2016.