Better Care Network, The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, and UNICEF and Inter-agency Task Force

Evidence from previous infectious disease outbreaks indicate that existing child protection risks are exacerbated, and new ones emerge, as a result of the epidemic as well as of the socioeconomic impacts of prevention and control measures. Some children are at increased risk in these circumstances, especially those without parental/family care, those at risk of separation from family, those in alternative care, and those who have recently left alternative care.

The aim of this Technical Note is to support child protection practitioners and government officials in their immediate response to the child protection concerns faced by children who are at risk of separation or in alternative care during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been developed by an Inter-agency Task Force of practitioners specialized in child protection and care and builds on The Technical Note: Protection of Children during the Coronavirus Pandemic developed by the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action and is based on international standards and practice relating to the care and protection of children.

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