Particular Threats to Children's Care and Protection

Family breakdown, separation of children from their parents, and the need for child protection and care services, stem from a multitude of problems which affect children, families, and communities.  This section includes literature on some of the principle threats to children and families and relevant responses.

The literature in this section focuses on the wide range of problems associated with institutional care.
HIV/AIDS affects children in multiple ways; they may lose one or both parents and other family members, or become infected with the disease.
Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of war, and frequently represent at least half of the population in a conflict area.
Children living and working on the street are some of the most excluded and unprotected in the world.
Children affected by disabilies are highly vulnerable to discrimination, abandonment, abuse, exploitation, injury and death.
Child abuse includes all forms of physical and emotional mistreatment, sexual abuse, and neglect of a child’s basic needs.
Child trafficking is the exploitation of children for economic or sexual purposes.
This section contains resources looking at the relationship between poverty and lack of access to social services and care.
The resources in this section focus on the impact of migration by children or their caregivers on their care situations.
This section highlights resources focused on international volunteering, tourism, and donations in residential care centres.