Parent Participation

This section highlights resources focused on the participation of parents and caregivers in children's care.

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Hannah McGlade - Australian Feminist Law Journal ,

This article documents the author's experiences with the state’s contemporary removal of Aboriginal children in Western Australia (WA) and the practice of Aboriginal Family Led Decision Making (AFLDM), a family led decision making process supported as best practice for Aboriginal families.

Family Rights Group,

This guide aims to help parents and families of children who are looked after in the care system. The guide also provides information for families whose children have been adopted.

Dr Gary Clapton - University of Edinburgh,

This article discusses the results of the first Scottish survey of parents’ experiences of child protection.

Taliah Drayak and Andy Bilson - Parents, Families & Allies Network (PFAN),

This blog post describes the benefits of parent advocacy for parents involved in the child protection system and includes a letter of thanks written by Taliah Drayak to her advocate.

Sharon Jackson, Lynn Kelly & Brian Leslie - Child & Family Social Work,

This article reports on the analysis of 11 qualitative interviews with parents who had attended child protection case conferences (CPCCs) in Scotland.


This series—which begins with a focus on schools— exposes the harm of punishing parents instead of addressing the root causes of child welfare involvement in the U.S.

PeakCare Queensland, Inc,

This article describes David Tobis's keynote address at the Family Inclusion Network South East Queensland’s Global Day of Parents Forum and the story of the parents and allies who changed the child protection system in New York City.

Casey Family Programs,

This Casey Family Programs issue brief looks at the use of peer mentors (“parent partners”) who work with parents entering in and engaging with the child welfare system.

Marilyn Obispo and Cynthia Cuevas - Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations,

The following research study aimed to discover the relationships and contributions that parent partners have in the reunification process of parents and children within the child welfare system.

Jeff Chambers, Sandy Lint, Maggie G. Thompson, Matthew W. Carlson, Michelle I. Graef - Children and Youth Services Review,

The current study used a quasi-experimental design and propensity score matching to examine the outcomes for children of families served by the Iowa Department of Human Services Parent Partner program, a peer support program to mentor parents who are currently involved in the US child welfare system.